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Getting To Know ATN

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Who Are We and What are Our Concerns

Anti-Tobacco Network (ATN) is a newly registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) under the laws of Botswana. ATN was officially launched by the its founding Patron Minister for Presidential Affairs and Public Administration, Honorable Mokgweetsi Masisi on 30 May 2011. ATN recognizes the devastating impacts of tobacco on health, the environment and the economy.
Tobacco is unequivocally linked with poverty and underdevelopment.

It negatively affects important development objectives such as health, nutrition, employment and gender equality. ATN is concerned that money spent on tobacco consumption reduces the amount of money available to spend on food, health care, Shelter and education. ATN is convinced that if tobacco users can be assisted to quit and young people discouraged to take up smoking, the damage to health and the loss to basic income can both be substantially reduced and this can result in poverty alleviation and better economic development in Botswana. ATN aims at raising public awareness on health effects to tobacco use and consumption through seminars, workshops, advocacy, meetings and public debates.

Anti-Tobacco Network has placed itself in the frontline of fighting tobacco issues in Botswana. Being a part of civil society in Botswana, it aims to earn a solid reputation of Professionalism against big tobacco industry whose interest is to gain huge profits at the expense of human health.

Our Vision

A tobacco-free Botswana

Our Mission

To create an enabling environment, where stakeholders in various institutions can work together in a coordinated manner, to make a lasting impact in controlling and reducing tobacco use in Botswana.

Our Priority Areas

ATN hopes to achieve the following in the next five years in line with the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC):
1) Facilitate the adoption of comprehensive tobacco products legislation by the Government of Botswana. The legislation must among others address the following:

2) Prohibit deceptive labels on tobacco products such as light and mild

3) Include large pictorial warning labels on tobacco packages (80%)

4) Prohibit ingredients that may be used to increase palatability (attractiveness) such as sugars, and sweeteners, flavoring substances and spices and herbs, in cigarettes and cigarette-like tobacco products. Flavoring enhances attractiveness, encourages youth initiation, and discourages cessation.

5) Prohibit the sale of single cigarettes and small packets of tobacco products

6) Regulate the sale of tobacco products (Licensing)

7) Prohibit the sale of tobacco products through vending machines

8) Strengthen legislation against illicit trade (including in the counterfeit and contraband cigarettes), with appropriate penalties and remedies

9) Lobby government to raise tobacco tax and price to discourage use by children and poor people, and to encourage Government to use such revenues to implement interventions to assist tobacco users to quit and public awareness campaigns.

10) To work with the Government in developing measures to address illicit trade of tobacco products in Botswana

Who Can Join ATN

Anyone who is 18 years and above and established organizations may apply through submitting duly completed application forms. Each application must be endorsed by two sponsors who are themselves active members of the ATN. The following are member categories for ATN and appropriate fees. We make your applications known to our active members who may then endorse you. Membership is not open to anyone associated with the tobacco industry
(sponsorship, shareholding, etc)

What are the benefits of joining ATN

The Membership dues collected from you will be used to develop programs and activities such as public awareness campaigns, workshops, seminars and arranging counseling sessions for those addicted to tobacco. The following are some of the direct and indirect benefits:

*You will have access to training and information on tobacco control

*Your organization will have access to information on tobacco control

*You or Your Organization will be connected to international and national organizations with similar objectives and be able to share information

*You will be contributing to one of the pillars of vision 2016, being compassionate and contributing to an informed nation

Where can I get application forms?

Application forms are available at the University of Botswana, Faculty of Science Block 233 Office 121 or you may request them by email or postal address as follows:

The ATN Admin. Assistant
P.O Box 4688
+267 355 4504

We also encourage you to visit our facebook page and Twitter for updates 



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