Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Courtesy of Press 24 TV http://www.press24.tv/?s=0887f467b2c16c4ad48796eece9dd716

Dr. Bontle Mbongwe presenting on the Health Effects of Tobacco Use. She said the purpose of the presentation was to:

}Introduce tobacco as a health threat
}Discuss the impact of tobacco consumption on the Millennium Development Goals
}Generate discussions toward tobacco control challenges in Botswana and come up with solutions to the Challenges

Focusing on Tobacco & Poverty Dr. Mbongwe said -

}Tobacco use is unequivocally linked with underdevelopment and poverty.
}Two-thirds of the poor nations for which data were available had male smoking rates above the average 35% prevalence rate for the developed world. (WHO2004 estimates)
}The poor are most likely to smoke.
}Tobacco use negatively affects important development objectives such as health, nutrition, employment and gender equality.
}Money spent on tobacco consumption reduces the amount of money available to spend on food, healthcare, shelter and education. 

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