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Media and NGO Workshop, Maun Lodge - 16-17th May, 2013

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Comments, Discussions and Recommendations
Media and NGO Workshop Maun
Maun Lodge
16-17th May 2013
Discussions and Comments

1. Thato Molosi – Poetavango: The importance of new education techniques to educate the public since it seems like the existing methods are not as effective as we would like them to be.
RESPONSE: The approach is dependent on the person you are directing the message to. If you are advising a smoker you have to assess their situation considering many factors like; their education level, their level of addiction, and gender. If you are talking to men about tobacco use you have to use different strategies like the fact that smoking has a major impact on impotence and men's reproductive health, however when the message was directed to women the might be crafted in such a way that it will make emphasis on the fact that smoking elevates aging. “Issues should not be forced into people but people should be allowed to introspect for themselves and think about issues then make an informed decision”

  1. The relation between tobacco and other drugs such as marijuana and alcohol – some people use Marijuana to mask the smell of tobacco or vise vesa. Cigarettes may also act as a gateway drug for smokeless tobacco which has as devastating effects as cigarettes
        RESPONSE: Tobacco is a gateway drug for many other drugs like Marijuana, cocaine, sextacy, ecstacy and heroine. Major tertiary institutions and secondary schools are facing this huge predicament
  2. The decentralization of the Anti Tobacco Network to other localities – Are these three workshops adequate and do they reach the different people across Botswana?
        RESPONSE: ATN believes in empowering local communities and training specialists instead of creating offices across the country. These networks of stakeholders, NGOs and health professionals that ATN is building should be equiped by the end of these training exercises, to effectively pass the messages on to their different communities.


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